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From Blue To Gray


Sand Soil Album cover 3000x3000.jpg

Tim drexler -Guitar

Jordan Myers - Bass

Dan Graham - Drums

Dale Fewless - Vocals

Dave Jaber - Guitars

From Blue To Gray, formed in 2008 by founding members Tim Drexler (guitar), Jordan

Myers (bass), Dan Graham (drums), and Dale Fewless (vocals), quickly gained a

reputation locally for highly energetic and utterly unpredictable performances. Their

blend of technical and equally devastating riffs is complemented by a conscious effort to

not overlook neither melody nor interesting transitions. National Rock Review says,

"From Blue To Gray literally blew me away, they unleashed the hell hounds, screaming

blood soaked words of unrelenting suffering. This band is tight, technical, and just my

cup of fucking tea.” ABSTENTION OF INTERFERENCE, a concept record about the

extent of human suffering and the slavery of the thinking mind is a blistering mix

of heavy metal styles, but also features a wide range of other musical styles including

progressive rock, swing, jazz and blues. Tim says of the eclectic nature of the record,

"We all kind of went through our own personal trials and tribulations during the making

of this recording which really bonded us as a band. We wanted to make sure that the

music as well as the lyrics reflected how we were feeling, and we made a conscious

effort to convey the massive amounts of emotion and passion to the listener.

Most importantly, we also wanted people to know that we meant every fucking word of

it. We needed them to feel that". PRODUCER JAMIE KING added, “One of the things

that made this band interesting to me right off the bat was their attention to transitions in

their songwriting. Add that to their already catchy riffing, and I really think they have

something marketable, which is as awesome as it is important. This is a masterpiece

of marketable progressive metal".

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