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From Blue To Gray


Mt Pleasant, MI,  9/4/2020 – Michigan Metal vets From Blue To Gray have teamed up with famed producer Jamie King for a new single, a 9 minute epic titled Sand & Soil. The track was recorded in October of 2019 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina at The Basement Studios. It marks the beginning of recording the band's 2nd full length album produced by Jamie King. 


Sand & Soil continues the narrative of the previous record by exploring the yin and yang of life and death through embracing the moment of passing and fearlessly facing the unknown. It's heavy, it's melodic, it's happy, it's sad, it's angry. There's something here for all fans of metal, the pieces expertly stitched together by the storytelling of lead vocalist and lyricist Joe Whalen. 


On the track's meaning, Whalen says, “Sand & Soil is the continuation of framework laid by the previous album, a bridge between the two sides of the coin of life and death. It is about one unnamed soul's journey from the broken and destroyed world of the living towards the mysterious and unfathomable worlds of the dead.” Founding guitarist and backup vocalist Tim Drexler adds, “I think when people get fed up with life, they start to welcome death. While I think it's good to accept and make peace with the inevitability, I also think it's a mistake to embrace it. For me, the track is about getting what you thought you wanted and realizing too late that you didn't actually want it. The lesson is to not waste time on things that don't matter. Witnessing death has a way of putting things into perspective.”


On the band's evolving sound, Drexler says, “I've never wanted to be in a band that got stuck in a formula. I think a lot of bands, especially when they find success, get too comfortable and don't take artistic risks out of fear of rejection from their fans, which I get. But I don't want to put out the same record twice and I don't want to be afraid to go down a path that may lead to a weird or unconventional place. In the case of Sand & Soil, we explored a lot of these places and we made a piece of music that is an accurate reflection of how we were feeling at the time we wrote it. While I do realize that most people do not have the attention span to listen to a song for 9 minutes, we believe Sand & Soil rises to that challenge.”


The song is the band's first new music since 2016's Abstention Of Interference. It is to be immediately released on Luxor Records and will be on the band's currently untitled upcoming album, due out in 2021. It is available on all streaming platforms and will be available for download via Luxor Records. 


Stream Sand & Soil here:


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