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Imminent Sonic Destruction


Debut Full Length 'Triumphia' Available 9.2.16



Pat DeLeon - Drums

Tony piccoli - Guitar/Vocals

Pete Hopersberger  - Keys

Scott Thompson- Guitar

Bryan Paxton - Bass

Detroit-based prog/metal band Imminent Sonic Destruction, was formed in 2008 during an

unexpected lunar eclipse, which wiped out vast swaths of humanity and ushered in the so-called

New Age of Progressive Super Metal. Maybe you remember. It was a Tuesday.

Even though some of that is made up, the band was initially formed around the strong

songwriting of guitarist/vocalist Tony Piccoli, and consists of Pat DeLeon (drums), Pete

Hopersberger (keyboards/vocals), Bryan Paxton (bass) and Scott Thompson (guitar/vocals).

Imminent Sonic Destruction’s sound is a satisfying blend of styles, at times melodic, complex,

epic and crushingly heavy, drawing on the members’ various influences, which cover the full

spectrum of prog, rock, and metal.

Imminent Sonic Destruction recorded and released their debut full-length CD, Recurring

Themes, in 2012 to critical acclaim. Based on the strength of that album and an energetic live

show, they toured North America with prog giants Pain of Salvation and Fates Warning, among


In between tours, the band spent time excitedly writing and demo-ing a diverse collection of

songs. Which brings Imminent Sonic Destruction to 2016, and the announcement of

Triumphia, an ambitious concept album featuring over 69 minutes of music, including the 22+

minute epic “Arborous Calm.” Triumphia will be released worldwide on Luxor Records on

September 2, and features artwork by acclaimed artist Travis Smith.

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