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Read 'em and Weep is an in your face rock band that writes and plays their own music. Boasting the powerful vocals and thought provoking lyrics of Charlie, the heavy hook riffing and blistering solos of Matt and Steve's twin guitar attack, and anchored by the rock solid foundation of Justin’s bass and Dave’s drums, this band is an absolute solid juggernaut of sonic fury. All of this, combined with the band's onstage antics and airtight live performances, makes their music and live shows an unforgettable experience.
In the last two years, Read ’em and Weep has recorded a seven song live EP, putting out a four song vinyl EP along with a music video. In addition, their song “Bottoms Up” has been featured at many NHL Hockey Arenas.
 There’s nothing fake. There’s nothing contrived. They’re the real deal. If you want something nice, fluffy, and homogenized, look elsewhere. If you want something real, from the heart, and memorable…you’ve found it.


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