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Suppy Dudes

Do you remember that time in gym class when you were the only person who couldn't do a pull-up? Or what about that one time when you had to ask the hot girl's slightly less attractive friend if the hot one would go on a date with you, only to be humiliated in front of the whole school? The guys in Suppy Dudes remember too, and they aren't quite done bitching about it.


Suppy Dudes, Dayton, Ohio's Pop-Punk superheroes just finished recording their debut album "Josie", which critics are already calling "the greatest pop-punk album of all time".


Brody Sullivan and Chett Leitzinger's dueling lead vocals provide an exciting blend of immaturity and angst at times, and beautifully crafted vocal melodies that are masterful beyond their years. Is this perfect blend the result of genius song writing disguised as uncontrollable emotion, or are they actually just a band of four idiots who got lucky in their mom's basement? Who cares. This band is rad.  Chett and Brody met at a Football game and they were trying to hit on the same girl, one of the cheerleaders. It ended up being a big fight. After about 30 minutes of not being able to hurt each other and being laughed at, they decided to call it quits... Started laughing, and then went back to Brody's house to drink some beers in the garage. After a lengthy drunken conversation, they realized they loved the same music, both played different instruments, and decided to start a band.  Basically,  …how most bands are formed.


Their debut album was recorded by Jake Nolan, out of his Dayton, OH recording studio for Jake Nolan Productions during the fall and winter of 2015. 


Alongside Chett (Vocals, bass) and Brody (Vocals, Guitar), Pete McCormick on guitar and Chaz Renner on drums complete the soon-to-be legend that is Suppy Dudes.

Debut album 'Josie' Available 7.29.16



Chett Leitzinger - Lead Vox/Bass 

Brody Sullivan - Lead Vox/Guitar 

Pete McCormick- Guitar 

Chaz Renner - Drums

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