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New Album Available 3.11.16




"The Indicted States Of America”,  is the seventh album from Detroit based brutal technical death metal solo-project Syphilic, and by the looks of the cover, (by Tony Cosgrove), it would seem to be a violent one.  And when you listen to the songs, you realize that the cover is a perfect indicator of what you are hearing.   Ten new original tracks of mind bending technicality that shoot to kill.   Constant time changes laced with blast beats, double bass, and bullets; along with speed guitars and insane chunky change ups should make you feel like your mind is being tasered, but you're restrained into needing more.  For fans of guttural secrete, defeated sanity, cephalic carnage, severe torture, and pillory.


Track Listing: 

1.Preparation H

2.NDA 21Z

3.Call Me God

4.Knock, Knock, Knock, Boom

5.Uncle Bucky

6.Both Dead

7.Bulletproof Vests & Sobriety Tests

8.Six In A Row, Gotta Go

9.Don't Sweat It (Have A Nice Day)

10.Can't Corner Dorner

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