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Debut EP 'Giant Killer' Available 7.15.16




Taylor Cort - Drums

Justin Wanless - Guitar

Michael Roberts - Vocals

Kyle Notan - Guitar

James Kolstedt - Bass

With members from all over the western hemisphere all crossing paths at the right moments, there was no mistake that TOARN was meant for great things. Justin Wanless (Guitar) and Michael Roberts (Lead Vocals) often spoke of similar taste in heavy music, but they decided to set out and create their own noise for the world to hear.  Taylor Cort (Drummer), Kyle Nortan (Guitar) and James Kolstedt (Bass Guitar) completed the lineup.


With influences of post hardcore and metalcore, TOARN began writing their fast paced chaotic riffs that early fans started to take notice. As time went on, influences evolved as did the band. Though holding onto the many past influences, TOARN has taken notes from the eerie, doomy, slam music alongside technical riffs and ambient overlays with the end goal being a communication of deep feelings of darkness, despair, depression and in the end a way out towards salvation.

“though TOARN is new to the face of the Christian Metal scene, they’re certainly coming out of the gate fighting.” – Mary Nikkel (of  New Release Today)

“There is some really fantastic music here and you should do yourself the favor of checking it out. Just crushing and exactly what metalcore should sound like… Literally wall shaking stuff.” – ODIN (of The Ripple Effect)

Even though they couldn’t be more excited about their solid fans and community that they’ve built in Everett, WA as well as a growing following in the west coast region, TOARN ventures to reach across the map to the East side of the States and potentially cross the over to the Great White North in 2016 on their upcoming record. “This record, if not already, is going to really define who we are as a band and where we are headed with our tone as a whole. We have a lot to say and plan on sharing it with A LOT of people this year.” Says Taylor Cort (Drummer). “This is our opportunity to reach out to those that are in the same state as we are or have been; broken, alone, feeling betrayed and growing cold to the world as we know it. Our message to those hurting hearts is that there is HOPE, there is a way out and we are proof of that, but most importantly, they are NOT alone in this. Others struggle just like you, just like we have. We can all come together and be the love and the light for our fellow metalheads.” 

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